Conte pointed to an important victory

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Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte considers the win to be very important to the team, including Harry Kane, who scored twice.

Golden Spikes opened their home game against Brighton 3-1 in the FA Cup fourth round on Saturday night. As a result, the famous team from London successfully entered the next round.

“Winning an important event like the FA Cup is very important. It’s important for confidence, crucial to winning games against good ufabet teams.

“It’s good that Kane scores two goals. We have the opportunity to improve the final result. But in the end I think it’s fair.

“In many of the games he (Harry Kane) didn’t score, he was always playing for the team. He played a wonderful game for us. He is an important player for us because he is a player of wonderful quality. And scoring goals is important because he’s a No. 9, it’s good for Harry.

“We have to go on and now prepare for a tough game of duels. Southampton this Wednesday.

Conte said: ‘I think we have to be pleased to continue in this way. We know very well that this trophy is important. It’s a great competition, a great trophy, a historical trophy in England. Now we have to move on and start to think about Wednesday.