Boehly points out what Chelsea has to offer next year

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Chelsea chairman Todd Boehly is confident the team will get back on track. And pointed out that the club has learned a lot during the first year of management.

“Sing the Blues” completely failed this season. Aside from being eliminated from all competitions in the cup and the league dropped to 12th place in the table with only 39 points from 33 games, all hopes of qualifying for European football next season are over, but Bohley insists Chelsea will be back on track. correct again

“Our view is that this is a long-term project and we are committed to the long-term,” Boehly said. We are in the best league in the world. We have what I think is the world’s top city and we have an unbelievable location in the world’s top city.”

“There are markets for top players in every country around the world and each market is different. You have markets, Portugal, France, England. You have the ability to go to these markets. Of course you have to build a team. Your coach is in charge of the ufabet team.”

“There are many things that we have learned about different markets. Aspects of the global market The fans hope They want to win and we got that. We want to win.