Allegri has been humbled with three teams competing

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Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has humbled AC Milan, Napoli and Inter Milan as the top three teams competing for the Scudetto this season.

         “Zebra” will open their home to the visit of the “Python” team in the Italian Serie A game on Sunday night. By being watched as another ufabet game that will decide. Who will step up to win the championship for the rest of the season.

          Milan currently lead the table with 66 points, followed by Napoli with 63 points and Inter Milan with 60 points, while Juventus have 59 points. With Simone Inzaghi’s team playing less than one game. Which Al Legri also sees the top three teams vying for the title.

         “Inter is still the favorite to win the Scudetto. At least until tomorrow evening (Sunday),” Allegri told DAZN.

         “Obviously Milan are doing very well, Napoli as well. And I think the team that won the Scudetto will be one of those three.”

And Allegri felt comfortable doing so in a recent interview with GQ Italia. As quoted by Football Italia, the Juventus boss asked: “Play well or get results? It’s a nice game, it’s funny! Guardiola is an extraordinary coach, but what has he done?